Thursday, August 12, 2010

big swinging boobs.

a pair of large, swinging titties are what i find intrigueing to look at (apart from watching cocks grow and some other amusing things :) )

the way they swing in all directions - up, down, left, right, diagonally too, is just simply mesmerizing - don't ask me why!

it's even better when a girl with big boobs gets fucked hard, cos then they really swing with all their might :D the video below shows two girls with tits that swing a little - and i can't decide which set of tits i prefer. one obviously swings and flies around more than the other, but the other one - has got a pretty good shape and size for her boobs :)

this whole boobie thing kinda reminds me of how i like being fucked hard in doggy because i get to lower myself and have my nipples brush lightly against the sheets, or have my boobs squeezed by my bf while my pussy gets pleasured too. even when my nipples aren't painting the bedsheets, they feel good too when they're just 'bouncing' back and forth, but never swinging. so this makes me wonder if the undescribable bolts of a sensation would be heightened if a pair of nip clips are attached to them as they move with each thrust of my bf, but i never dared try to pinch them on to mine because of the fact that they stop one's bloodflow when put on.

the other thing i like about swinging boobs is that they look so irresistable, and it's like they're inviting others to kiss and grab them :) i like it too when a guy grabs a woman's boobs as she's getting fucked, and i love it even more when it's my bf who grabs mine as i'm getting fucked. it makes me feel that he simply cannot resist the sweet, firm goodness of my peaches and wants them so bad that he has to give in to the urge of his hands. the thought of swinging titties also fills my mind with an image of having a dangling ball of yarn in front of a kitty and watching how it simply just wants to 'grab it' and have it - but can't. it is that act of playful temptation that's what swinging titties bring across to me.

:) 'hang and tease'
this scene is pretty far back in the vid, but more flapping and flopping of their titties is seen after this scene, imo.

and here's just one more vigorous vid of flying titties in motion (and in doggy), torn stockings and public groping and stripping - that i thoroughly enjoyed watching since who knows how long ago and is one that i still love.. (more than the one above).

Hitomi Tanaka's Public Bus Gang Bang

both videos are from the lovely Slutload ;)


  1. you should have post urs as well when being fuck doggie.. would love to c ur boobies swing :)

  2. Your post turned me so on~ Can i fuck u sometimes? (L)

  3. I love breast which are swinging, why not post yours? I always like the doggie position where I can make your breasts swing.

  4. Dearest SexiestCuntsinKitty,

    Sometimes I find it hard to believe how much we have in common. I did at least three posts on my blog wishing I had big hanging boobs just so that they will bounce up/down/left/right and circular. My bf would be so delighted to fuck me doggy and watch my boobs in a mirror.

    I even asked my readers if I should have a boob job. But 90% of them advised no. Some guys like boobs that's firm and point up, but me and my bf like them drooping coz they bounce.


  5. Hi Sexy Girl,

    When I watch porn, I love it when a girl with nice tits is sitting on a man's cock and bouncing away. It really turns me on and it makes me cum.

    WhoreAmy! No boob job please! Natural tits are so sexy and beautiful, no matter the size :)

    - KC

  6. Watch boobs rock back and forth in a doggy styles is just the greatest.

    I agree with Keisha, natural boobs are better.
    forget the boob job

  7. Hey babe view my dick and comment ! thanks :)