Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cock tease?

The Man and I wondered if it would feel ticklish for him when a particular part of his cock was licked. We were not going to spend a lifetime pondering over that, and so I bent over and gave it a shot.

We found our answer - and I found a surprise. It was fun, feeling him jerk when my tongue flicked and lapped around his cock head. Mmmm. I could feel just how hard he was.

And of course, a hard cock would always want more, and a wet, eager slut, well, deserves more. The Man thrust his cock into my throat, and I gladly took him in, with more licks in between ;)

Naughty sluts should never expect hard cocks to stop there.

We cuddled and we were close - his lips to my neck, my ass in the curve of his body, and our legs and back and chest - all touching. The more he kissed my neck, the more ticklish it felt, and yet the more I wanted to get closer. His hands wandered to my tits, on purpose - and my top was off.

As though we weren't close enough, his cock found it's way to my pussy and slid itself along her, as if it was his turn to tease. As though we didn't feel each other's warmth enough, his cock found it's place in my pussy, going deeper and deeper, as though he knew that was the way to go. As though :)

My little ass was slammed, and I at the same time, found myself slamming those rear mounds into him so I could feel more of him and his sexy hardness :)

We all know cocks are naughty things - so he found his way to my ass and surprisingly, went in without much of a hassle, except that it was a tight fit. How embarrassing. My pussy was wet and inviting I know, and it appeared that that's what helped his cock to get in. I didn't expect that even my ass would be this cooperative with a nasty cock though :x a little bit of tightness isn't quite what I'd call a defense.

I didn't have any hands to defend myself either. They were willingly being held by him, above my head. So my neck was open and free for him to kiss and tickle, as were my pussy and ass for his cock. The Man stroked my pussy and found it still wet, and I whispered, "I want you to cum" - this couldn't get more embarrassing.

My legs were spread in an instant, and we were once again in great closeness. His cock did and could not wait, it plunged right into my pussy. Knowing my ass was spread, defenseless and waiting too, his cock did a dip - slowly, but surely. And sure enough, it went deep. The only thought that occurred to me when it went even deeper than I thought it would, was that "it's (definitely and has to be) all in now!"

My pussy, for all her patience when my ass takes a turn with My Man's cock, felt the pleasure of watching him plunge himself into each of them both while being so, so hard and hot. Though they had to take turns (and several too), they were both owned. Unlike my pussy and ass which were calm and composed for his pleasure (I guess a dripping pussy should be considered a calm one), my mind was in a frenzy - I didn't know whether to feel amazed at how we were anal fucking with glee AGAIN, or to revel in the feeling of how I was his defenseless, willing slut with holes owned by him because of a licky-try-out. Hmmm :))

Well, whatever the frenzy was about - there was certainly none of that with The Man's "nasty" cock. My pussy received his burst of pleasant, deep bouts of cum.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


So, I was lying in bed, on my side, and was all ready to snooze. I felt my body sink deeper into my mattress and my eyelids get heavier even though they were already shut.

He came from behind me and pulled my panties down. I thought he's leave it as that but no - just one swipe and they were off my ankles. I should've known that I would not be spared. He had been teasing me with a little bendover fuck or two before we headed out for the day. With panties gone, he headed for my tits while his fingers eased themselves onto my slit. I was not expecting them to be wet, but with each stroke I felt them get wetter instantly. It was so embarrassing and it was such a turn on at the same time knowing that I was probably already wet and didn't know it, and that with just a few strikes he was able to spread that wetness from my pussy to my clit, and to my ass.

Then of course, we kissed, wildly. I still had the thought of how it felt when he stroked my slit and showed me how wet I was. However, my thoughts were rudely interrupted by an already large cock. He slid in and pumped my pussy from the side, praising its wetness and tightness. I felt my soft mounds of flesh push against his hard body and his strong hands holding my hips - he was in full control and no, I could not get away even if I wanted to. I was ordered to remove my sleep tee and I only wanted to do as I was told.

I sucked his cock, only to be deepthroated. He pushed my head down onto the Prince, and then fucked my throat well. I was ordered to keep my hands behind my back. When I was pulled out, I felt a string of saliva stretch down my chin.. but before I could take a wipe or a breather, he decided that this was not enough for a wet slut like me, and knelt over me and fucked my throat even deeper than before. I felt tears well up in my eyes.. and saliva line my chin.. I had to tell him.. "I am all messed up"...

He disagreed. That was not a mess-up to him. He showed me what being all messed up was.

Fingers were plunged into my pussy, hitting my spot. I didn't want him to stop >.< and my ass wasn't spared. It was fingered too and this was the case several times, even when there was his cock in my flooded pussy. He made sure each time that they were popped before his fingers and/or cock dived in again, only to pop them some more. At some point of being "double fucked", I no longer knew which sensation to focus on, and this was probably the only time he spared me - by popping the intruders out once more and continuing to fuck just - a hole of his choice.

He knew how wet I was and so he took a confident, definite plunge into me. He plunged in again and again, as if to ensure I felt the full length of his cock. My pussy, still wet, got even wetter and his cock was lined with my juices. Not wasting any bit of it, he plunged into my ass too - making sure every hole was taken. I felt his cock go into my ass, stretch my ass and really claim it.

The Prince had my pussy fucked some more, much to his liking.. until he decided that the slut did a good enough job at sucking his cock and he wanted her ass again. This time, I was on my stomach and his cock inched in, stretching the little innocence once more. I sucked on his fingers like a dirty slut who can't get enough.. something I've been doing in little bits throughout the entire fuck. I don't know if that was what turned him on, but he proceeded to fuck my ass even harder, leaving me with little response for I was being overwhelmed by it's greatness. 

When I managed to regain what little composure I could, I gladly told him I was his little slut. He had asked, and by this time there was no denying. I also added that I felt the wetness of the entrance of my pussy as he fucked my ass hard. There was little or perhaps nothing left to resist and he blasted his cum several times into my ass. I felt the explosion and was happy that it was this intense.

As he withdrew, I felt my pussy to find out how wet she was, considering her wetness could be felt at the entrance even though she was not being fucked at that time (my ass was). Gosh - I had wet my ass crack, and the wetness had spread further out onto my cheeks. It was as though he creamed my pussy instead.

And then we kissed wildly again, as through the fuck. We really couldn't help it, as through those kisses I felt I was telling him I wanted more, and with him giving equally wild kisses, I could only think that I would be getting more.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

How could it have felt so good?

I was asked to switch off the light. Unsuspectingly, I did so, for it was bedtime.

When I returned back to his side on the bed, he led my hand downwards and 'lo and behold, I was touching the all-familiar naked skin of his balls and cock. Mmhmm.

Then he moved himself on top of me, and rammed his cock into my face. Needless to say, my throat took him in and I was thoroughly throat fucked again and again. When I needed to catch my breath, my horny bastard said, "Who said you could stop?", and shoved his cock back into my throat once more. I teared :)

Not before long, his cock found its way to my pussy, who was already wet and waiting. My cunt juices dripped down my ass, and his cock slid around my crack, threatening my ass once in a while. With a dripping wet cunt (and ass) like that, I knew I was defenceless and had nothing to resist his cock because she was already saying YES. Being defenceless was as good as giving an open invitation, so his cock took its place in my ass :)).

We fucked for over an hour. With the constant jabbing of my Spot by his cock, I guess my pussy started to 'wake', except that I didn't realize this. All I knew was I was begging him to finger me and to fuck me in the super deep position that I love. In whichever positions he fucked me in - we spooned, we missionaried, we reverse cowboyed, we doggyed with me lying flat on my tummy, and of course - with my legs up in the air, + etc., he made effort to DP me with his fingers. It also felt so close whenever his balls slapped my ass.

While fucking me in that 'super deep position', which jabbed my Spot endlessly, my ass was fingered at the same time. It was a wonderful, surprising feeling for it helped my bb hit my spot even more - or could it be that I have two spots? haha. After all that fingering and pleasing of my pussy, my bb analed me a second time. It was rather unexpected, I should say, but I didn't know that I should be expecting something even more unexpected - that the ass fuck would feel SO good, whenever he rammed his cock all the way in to the end. I started to get confused - I wanted him to stop cos I knew we were both tired (in terms of needing sleep and rest, for it was close to 4am!) and yet I didn't want him to, because the feeling was so intense. I screamed for him to keep going because I had never felt so physically aroused from an ass fuck before (yes they were intense, but the times before were never as intense + arousing as this night's) as most ass fucks were more mentally arousing, typically.

He obliged, and continued to fucked me deeply, repeatedly, while holding me. It was the best feeling over - to be pleasured and lovingly held.

I am in bliss, just thinking about it :))).

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

That "little" feeling.

I have always thought that it is a beautiful thing when a woman gives her man her mouth for sucking pleasure; her greedy throat, her cunt, for a fucking good time; her sweet nothings; and her tight little ass that should always make way for a King.

He stroked my soft lips, wet with juices that spilled over from my sweet hole. Surely, he spread my wetness to my ass with his fingers. I could feel his excitement and sense that my ass would see a visitor soon. He continued playing and I was a mix of anticpation, excitement and fear all at once - how was he going to be today?

True enough, he wasn't going to let my ass go at all. Someone, was at her door and I could sense his intention. I tried to move away - innocent sluts don't get their asses fucked, no? :)

He cradled me with my leg between his and another over his shoulder. He held me firmly and took time to kiss my leg, my ankle, my foot. I wasn't sure as to what would come next but I was certain he had a plan. I was locked to him that way and before I could speak, was overwhelmed, as he could tell. Before I could get over each strong and forceful plunge, he started fingering my ass. Fucking it just as it should be fucked.

Plunge - that was what he did. He took it as deep as he could - something I never felt before, and it shook me. All I could do was receive him, and allow him his whims and fancies.

I was fucked.

So fucked.

Monday, September 9, 2013


I have always liked a man who is respectful and yet take charge of situations. I like to feel like he is in control - whether I am clothed, or unclothed, and by his doing too.

Bb and I initially started out without knowing where or our limits were. We've talked about it, but confirming it is another. There were stuff that we were fascinated about, but never got down to trying them out. There were also stuff that I never thought I would be able to take, and stuff that both of us never thought we would enjoy. One of which, was having my ass fucked, and without any artificial lube.

It started with me telling bb one day that I wanted him to own my ass. I told him so naturally - I didn't hesitate, when normally I would, because anal to me, is something that's special and yet almost taboo. It's not the usual hole that most people would fuck, on a normal, daily basis.

I never knew the consequences of that line. Baby started to train and prepare me for his cock. Even fingering wasn't that easy at first, but slowly it eased in better. And when I could take his finger, it helped me to take his cock. Yes, my bb's cock :)

At the same time, I shared with bb about how I wished to be owned, and not just by anyone, but by someone whom I could trust, and someone whom I wanted to be owned by. We talked about name calling, and had reservations. We never knew that things could get dirtier than expected.

Slowly, but surely, my baby raided my ass. Once I could take his cock in.. We tried other positions. With us lying side by side, a position I so loved because it felt so close and secure, I could slip a hand behind my back, reach down for his cock and slide it along my pussy and ass crack. I never meant to put his cock in my ass - because I sometimes felt an ache in my pussy whenever his cock was in my ass. Bb however, would take control - he would make a decision, and that was to fuck my ass. With my back facing him, I couldn't refuse. Even if I wasn't facing him, I wouldn't have refused anyway.

On other days, with my legs spread and pussy ready to receive him, I'd find his cock in my ass instead. On some other days, it would be me with my ass up in doggy, getting drilled in the way bb wanted to drill me in :) I loved it.

He could creampie me if he wanted, he could alternate between my ass and pussy because he owned then both, and my mouth too, and he could chug his fingers in my mouth, stuffing it while my ass gets filled and pounded with his hard meat :) He could cum in my ass too, if he willed the blast so :)) the feeling was lovely and I have no other way of describing it. He could also play with my waiting titties - grab, pinch, twist. All this while, all I could manage were my moans, which I didn't do very well either. With my holes taking turns to get owned, or with them getting owned together in pairs, my moans let themselves out and I had little say on that.

Soon enough, my baby could take my ass whenever he wanted. We slowly felt me relax, and that made his entrance a lot easier - it surprised me whenever I could take him in. And I guess it didnt help that my pussy helped provide the lube that bb's cock needed. I was helpless - I wet his cock and allowed him in. I remember, there was one day when I didn't know I was so wet. I only knew after I realised that he was pumping my ass with more ease than on other days.

Being bb's ass slut is an amusing process, for both of us, I hope. It's exciting to feel his cock at my entrance, sometimes with my doing because I slide him around. It's also amazing to feel his cock pop in, and to feel it gently push its way through till it really pops in. Each time bb pulls his cock back, and then pushes it forth and deep, I feel every millimetre of it and again felt surprised at how I managed to take his cock in. It also felt incredibly sweet to have my bb's cock in me, and just me alone.

As bb and I explored, bb got more and more daring. We didn't know at the beginning how much either of us could take, or how far we could go, but bb showed me that he liked owning me as his little slut. I liked being called his good little girl, his ass slut.. etc. I liked it even more that he liked referring to me as that, and dirty talking to me too. I couldn't deny that it was all my fault that I was getting my tight little ass drilled by his hard, bulbous cock. He faulted me for having made him horny. Even though I didn't do anything to tempt or seduce him, I couldn't help but get wet - and I'm guessing that's part of what made him wanna drill me - so yes, not being able to deny this meant that I quietly let my baby fuck, and really fuck me.

Another thing which was part of the whole owning bit, was not only getting all my holes wet and owned, or being dirty talked to, but was getting my throat fucked - deeply. I wanted to be bb's good little girl, on her knees, as if she was begging for his cock, to spread those sweet lips, only to watch them close around his thickness. I also wanted bb to fuck my throat deep, as deeply as he wanted, because I was his and sluts that belong are sluts that should do nearly anything, including deepthroating.

Bb had always been gentle - he doesn't want to hurt me and that'd always been something I appreciated. I like my man to be firm and in control, but also gentle and considerate :)

When bb realised I could take more, or maybe wanted more :x he fucked me deeper and deeper, rougher and rougher, faster and faster. Bb also probably realised he was beginning to like the feeling of it all, and as we figured our way through things, he sort of worked out how long he could gg me for before I needed a breather, and how much of a breather he should give me. The length of breather got shorter an shorter, and as this was happening, I also found out that bb didn't mind me getting messy with spit all over my chin, or with strings of saliva that connected my mouth to his cock, even as he drew his cock out. In fact, he enjoyed the messy sight of me, messed up with nothing else but messy goodness by his doing.

The very first time bb really fucked my throat, I teared (natural gag reaction) and looked at him with tears in my eyes. If I had eye make up on, it would've been smudged. I was so owned with my "colourless" smudged-"makeup" look, but happy and fulfilled (also filled! Heehee) by my man. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to be in his place.

Bb has also blindfolded me, tied me, and double fucked me by using his cock and a cucumber to fill my deserving pussy and ass. Even recently, when I said no, I got my ass fucked. Bb knows me and he knows his slut's "no" was actually a little, meek plea for him to make that ass his. Besides, he wouldn't have it any other way - because he already knew it was his to fuck.

The only way to own a slut is to go with what one already owns.

Like how Bb kisses me and holds my face in his hands. He was simply taking what he already owned and making it his all over again. As this went on, feelings of getting owned and of him owning me built up and accumulated. Our exploration at our own pace has made things more intense, and has developed into an almost-addiction. The way bb put his fingers through my top and under my bra to touch my nipples and expose them so his tongue could play with them and his mouth could suck on my rounded mound, and move up to kiss me after? It just made me want and wish for more :))

I never expected that we would be analling our way through happiness that soon. I thought it would take years before anal experiences would come. And never imagined they would be regular. I am really bb's slut, and only his. Something I love him to call me by and remind me of :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013


Something in my stomach leaped when J asked for a kiss on his cheek, and then kissed me on my lips.

Maybe it flipped as it leaped. And it sent a funny sensation down my tummy, which turned into a sort of horny feeling in my stomach which I cannot explain. Worse still, those sensations shot through me a couple of times during the entire movie, and it was always through our little lip to lip and hint of tongue kisses.

Not surprisingly, I found I was wet after the movie :x and this was from just a couple of kisses - after all, both of us wanted to concentrate on the movie which was aptly titled Beautiful Creatures :) (aren't we all?)

The night went on and soon we found ourselves with bags of dinner at midnight, and sweet kisses in the lift.

I don't know how.. But the entire night was a mix of sleep and touches.. Probably slept at 3, woke at 6, slept again and woke at 8, and then at 11.. I can't even begin to count the number of hours I slept.. Because I don't even remember how much time was spent sleeping, and playing.

What I remembered and cherish though, were sweet moments worth melting for - I was hugged to sleep, pulled back into a warm embrace when I was angry.. And sweet words, "can I look for you when I am sad, can I look for you when I am lonely?" and I probably rolled my eyes or had a look that said "I'm gonna shoot daggers at you" but J continued to speak, as though he didn't notice the look, and said "can I look for you when I am happy.. can I look for you when I am angry?"

I may not often remember words that were spoken, but I remember the feelings that form an impression in me. And I know we chatted and laughed lot, which probably made sleep and everything else a lot more heartwarming and comfortable.

And one of the things I liked best, were questions and smart answers, with J on top of me.

Me: it looks like you're in pumping (push up) position now.. Is this why they call it pumping? (referring to men serving national service or those in the army)

J: no.. ((then said something else my groggy mind couldn't register when I tried to recall it the next morning))

Me: is that how u speak to your men? (J's tone was firm, almost stern).

J: no... But this is how I speak now because you are under me. (I was literally under him, being fucked :))

It also didn't help (or maybe it did) that J also whispered firmly to me "I wanna fuck your mouth, I wanna fuck your ass, I wanna fuck your pussy"... I like a man to be firm - and to be firm, strong and yet gentle - it melts me totally. It melts me more when I hear for myself what he wants to do to me, and hearing that he wants to own me literally sent another jolt of horniness up my stomach.

I was melting. Even after I slept and woke, I just melted some more.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Where have I been?

*takes a deep breath*

Okay.. so many have asked why I had started the blog. Well, it was started out of spontaneity.. it was just an idea that I had toyed with and one day, I really thought 'why not?' and started it. I never expected that people would read this blog and so I blogged just because I felt like it.

If you have dropped me an email / met up with me / chatted with me, you will realise that I am completely different from what the blog portrays. Some people leave me messages indicating that they were searching for the blogger in me.. but I've always known that she, although a part me, only existed because she had someone she loved and craved for at the time the posts were written.

Therefore, it would be rather difficult for her to appear again, until she meets someone with whom she finds she can naturally be :) Even so, that could take years - what has been written on the blog was after years of having been in a relationship where I could be a glutton with someone, laugh with someone while slacking and watching telly, and feel blessed that I have someone beside me to smile with and at, as if to say "I'm really enjoying this time with you".

Without feelings, sex is nothing, and fortunately or unfortunately for me, it is secondary to other things in life.

I've found a new space to blog at - where I log the happy things that I do, eat, wear, and see, and though the content is less saucy, I'm finding it a lot more fun, as ironic as it may sound.

So yes, I will write when there are experiences that fuel the writer in my heart, but if not, then I would rather be busy living life :)


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Such a turn on.

Don't ask me why.